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Appreciating Gratitude

Appreciating Gratitude

What you focus on, may become your focus and increasingly so.

What you appreciate, makes gains as you invest yourself into it.

What you give your attention to can appreciate in value over time.

If you appreciate a muscle in your body and give it attention, it will likely grow over-time… In contrast, you despise and otherwise avoid that same muscle it will likely shrink and diminish in value over-time.

Ideas for appreciating gratitude:

  • Write down something you are grateful for in some sort of daily journal an occasionally review some of it.
  • Practice forms of meditation, even if you just mediate right before sleep laying down, it still can help a lot.
  • Exercise in any capacity that you are capable of, even if it is just rolling around on the floor, it really helps.
  • When you wake up start thinking of a nice thing that you can do for someone and make an effort to do it.
  • Be aware of what affects consistent gratitude has on your life and evaluate it as an investment in yourself.
  • Try thinking about your attention as a currency, think about what you spend your attention growing larger.
  • Sometimes we are so adapted to our life that we cannot see the various ways that we are quite fortunate.
  • Try asking family, friends, co-workers and others, what they see in your life that you could be thankful for.

Practicing gratitude and thankfulness can have an appreciating effect on various parts of your life and when you consider that as an investment in yourself, you can imagine that it could have a compounding result in more ways than one.

If  you can train your brain to do math problems quicker, then consider how keeping a habit of complaining affects your brain after a while.  Take a minute to remember when the last time you complained was… what benefit did it have on your life… did it make it better, worse or did it have no affect on your life.

Things to consider… Probably with almost anything, the more you give it, the more it becomes.

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