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Almost the Answer to Finding Love… (You didn’t know you were searching for.)

Firstly…  Find love in your life… don’t find love and then search for a life.

That being said… not all of us are capable or willing to sit idle and wait for a storybook entrance of love into their life in some romantic swoop… but, hey, you never know! 😉

So, what is the only possible answer to finding love, you ask?  Oh, glad you asked… KNOW WHAT YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR!  It may seem like a ballsy statement that can’t possibly be helpful or must not be true for so many people, that will say, they don’t know what they are looking for (or not looking for) until they find it or don’t find it… But, please bear with me and take a moment to consider how many people never really get clear, like really clear about what they know they don’t want.

Change your mind about what you know you don’t want, that’s totally fine… But, try to get really clear about the new thoughts of what you are thinking you know you don’t want.

This is B.S you say, ok… well, that is a valid opinion… but, I do want to point out that the title is about finding love, not getting lucky enough to fall into love with someone that luckily turned out to be a great fit for your life.  This is a reminder of not compromising yourself and be confident in finding the love you want for the rest of your life or in your life, period.

Desperation, compromising on your needs and dreams, can too easily turn into tricky and convenience self mind games that eventually somehow make a wrong fit seems like a perfect fit for the love you’ve been searching for… for so long.  SO, write down, scrapbook it, bookmark or by all means save it somehow where you will remember it, so you will have a reference of what you are not looking for… and if you happen to know (or even think you know) what you are looking for, write that down too.



Life / Living

Love in your life is achievable… It’s not floating high on a cloud!

Living your life with love and communicating with love is absolutely achievable for you and anyone.

There are a thousand ways to justify needing to live from anger, hate, despair, loneliness and disappointment… But, many times the real need of love gets lost underneath these ways of being, masking what is really at the core of what is desired and needed.

All you need is love and love is almost always at the core of what you need.

A spouse gets angry for not being needed, but says they don’t want to be needed.

The boss who thinks they need to strike fears into their employees to achieve the desired goals.


Connecting / Re-Connecting, Relationships

Try Back-to-Back Time!

One powerful way to re-connect to someone that you are in a close relationship with, is to make some time for some “back-to-back” time (which doesn’t have to be back-to-back, but once or twice a week, would probably be a good start.)

What do I mean by “back-to-back”?  Well, I mean literally your back against theirs.  Never intentionally tried this or maybe this sounds like what you do in bed after an argument.  Ok, this is different… this is where your back is pressed-up against their back.  So, you say, “Why would that help?!”


Happiness, Life / Living

Happiness to Success to Adaptation to Unhappiness

If you are happy, then you may be successful or not… but, chances are that if you are continually happy then you have achieved some level of success and the inevitable subsequent adaption will come a knocking.  Many psychologists believe that we are hardwired to crave change, so at some point, even when we get all we thought we ever wanted… people usually find themselves wanting more.  They usually want something new, different, better, faster, shinier, etc.

“One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation” –Dr. Thomas Gilovich



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