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Relationship Communication

Perhaps one of the most dreaded aspects of relationships, but also perhaps the most rewarding.  What could be more fulfilling that communicating well with someone that you are in a relationship with!  Whatever forms of communication you currently have in your relationships, there may be other forms of beneficial communication that you could be neglecting to incorporate into your relationships.


Love, Love in Religion

Love in Religion

If you read about every major religion in the world, there are strands of religious beliefs and traditions that all have a similar message of love.  Love through compassion, love through forgiveness, love through belief and encouragement, love through patience and honesty, love through happiness and contentment, as well as love through various other virtues and disciplines.  If love doesn’t unite us all, then I don’t know what  does.

“Love is the answer…” — John Lennon





Mutual love, mutual life, mutual respect, mutual dependence, mutual learning, mutual admiration, mutual co-existence… Mutualism is about harmony.



The Key to Commitment in Relationships

What do you think matters most in committed relationships?  Perhaps a deep sense of love and security that you found your soul mate or the one you believe is “the one”… or… perhaps it’s simply the fun times and companionship that brings light and spontaneity into your life.

The two main types of longterm committed relationships, could be boiled-down into relationships that restrict, suppress and depress, and the opposite type of relationship that encourages, excites your passions and enthusiasm.  But, sadly, the actual longevity of the relationship maybe more about compromise, personality and feelings of obligation.



Ways to Improve Your Relationship

It doesn’t take much to help your partner feel more valued every day.  Sometimes a lot of little ongoing things — which don’t take much time or effort on their own — can mean a lot more than the rare grandiose gesture on some holiday that.  No surprise there, I mean who would actually choose to wait for the most significant person in their life to show they care and value your relationship.  That’s daily medicine and can fit into every routine.  So, put it on your calendar and within minutes you are on your way to building a stronger connection and a more meaningful relationship that will surely mean more than you think right now.


Family, Marriage

Marry the Person You Love and Love Your Choice

“Choose your love; love your choice.”  — Thomas Monson

Marriage is about choice (in most circumstances anyway); you are choosing a spouse to share your life with on a long-term basis.  Marriage should be a choice about marriage and not just the next choice, because it seems like the next step in a relationship.  First you need to decide what marriage means to you and get clear about what you are choosing, when making a choice to marry someone.


Happiness, Life / Living

Finding Happiness in Any Relationship

True happiness is a state that you choose to be, as you continue to change the world around you to support your happiness.  You attract and magnetize what is similar to you.  Your attitude and behavior can have a great influence on others around you and usually results in what types of situations and life experiences come your way.

Since happiness is an ever-changing subjective semi-ambiguous state of being…

  • First, you must be the person you want to be, walk and talk in the shoes that feel like they are the closest fit and the most comfortable.
  • Secondly, start doing and keep doing what feels like bring you the most happiest and remember to do things as the person you want to be, do things that are in alignment with the person you want to be.
  • Thirdly, appreciate the things you have and every time you think you want to have something, be sure to get clear on what having that something would bring into yourself.  If you have time, try to visualize that something already in your life and think about the ways that it would affect your life and the things you already have.

“There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way.” — Thich Nhat Hanh



Love is simple, but not easy.

Love is all you need and all you need is love… simple right?

Live-and-breath love… love yourself in every breathe, love others and the world around you. Simple.

Live your life through love… pour your heart into everything you do, feel the love from others.

Simply love everyone and everything that you put your attention on… and your life will be filled with love.

So… what’s not easy about that… what gets in the way…


Challenges, Life / Living

Up for a Challenge?

Are you caught in a loop of deception and procrastination that is keeping you from a particular challenge that you would like to see yourself overcome?

What if what you think is too challenging isn’t as challenging as you think?

Anything you fear may be an opportunity to gain the courage to overcome it.



Motivated by Love

At the most basic level of why we do what we do… we are all motivated by love.

We are social beings at are core and even if we are hardcore homebodies there is still a intrinsic part of ourselves that was nurtured and wants to be nurtured… and in turn wants to nurture or give something.

That being said, many (if not most), operate in a mode of extrinsic motivate, be it fear or reward… which is far less powerful than an intrinsic motivation of love and contribution. The employee that gets enough to cover the bills and have a little fun whom is motivated by reward, looks forward to getting off work to go play.  But, the employee that believes in what they do and feel like they are perhaps making the world a better place, could find themselves working long past the standard work day to go above and beyond.

If nothing else we can be remembered by the sum of our contributions to humanity.


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