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Being Strong

Being Stronger

If you do not flex, strain and utilize your muscles, they will atrophy, weaken and shrink.  In order to grow and in order to get stronger, you must not be static.  If you do not do it, then you will not get it done.  If you want to grow stronger and you want to feel or be strong, strength must be gained.

What to do to grow and be stronger:

  • Avoid getting stuck in resentment and jealousy of others.
  • Embrace change and take it head-on one small piece at a time.
  • Be willing to make some calculated risks, because nothing in life is certain.
  • Most importantly, be kind, compassionate, integral, fearless and always a student.
  • If you find yourself wasting time or stuck in needless repetition, then find a way to move on.
  • When you find yourself regularly feeling sorry for yourself, seek out something that motivates you.
  • Try to stay focused on what you can affect and change, let things beyond your control be as they may.
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