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Calm Enragement

Calm Enragement

You take a minute for a calm break from work and start perusing a popular online social media website… then you come across an image of the most unjust and disturbing example of human treatment you’ve ever seen… you feverishly share to all your family, friends, patrons, followers and anyone else who comes across what you want everyone to immediately be aware of.

Marketing 101… most large social media companies that have done their research, would rather you see disturbing outrageous anger-provoking images and posts… vs. seeing cute helpful calm rejuvenating peaceful images and posts.

When almost everything can be taken away in a single car crash, what is really more important than our time?

Are you able to keep focused anytime you want or are your manipulated?

Do you feel empowered to choose your life timeline?

Where do you spend your attention currency?

Are you choosing how you spend you time?

Are you able to stay aware of how you spend your time?

How susceptible are you to being persuaded on how you spend your time?

Can you stay in your current emotional state when you are notified of an emotional post?

You have the choice to decide how to spend your time in a way that is making the most of your time.

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