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Love in your life is achievable… It’s not floating high on a cloud!

Living your life with love and communicating with love is absolutely achievable for you and anyone.

There are a thousand ways to justify needing to live from anger, hate, despair, loneliness and disappointment… But, many times the real need of love gets lost underneath these ways of being, masking what is really at the core of what is desired and needed.

All you need is love and love is almost always at the core of what you need.

A spouse gets angry for not being needed, but says they don’t want to be needed.

The boss who thinks they need to strike fears into their employees to achieve the desired goals.


Happiness, Life / Living

Finding Happiness in Any Relationship

True happiness is a state that you choose to be, as you continue to change the world around you to support your happiness.  You attract and magnetize what is similar to you.  Your attitude and behavior can have a great influence on others around you and usually results in what types of situations and life experiences come your way.

Since happiness is an ever-changing subjective semi-ambiguous state of being…

  • First, you must be the person you want to be, walk and talk in the shoes that feel like they are the closest fit and the most comfortable.
  • Secondly, start doing and keep doing what feels like bring you the most happiest and remember to do things as the person you want to be, do things that are in alignment with the person you want to be.
  • Thirdly, appreciate the things you have and every time you think you want to have something, be sure to get clear on what having that something would bring into yourself.  If you have time, try to visualize that something already in your life and think about the ways that it would affect your life and the things you already have.

“There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way.” — Thich Nhat Hanh


Challenges, Life / Living

Up for a Challenge?

Are you caught in a loop of deception and procrastination that is keeping you from a particular challenge that you would like to see yourself overcome?

What if what you think is too challenging isn’t as challenging as you think?

Anything you fear may be an opportunity to gain the courage to overcome it.


Life / Living, Love, Loving Yourself

Love the Best You

Being the best you may seem impossible or a fairytale, since all the parts of you may not seem like even close to the best parts (to put it mildly.)

The best you will always be you doing your best.

What you do best, may not always allow you to be you at your best.

You at your best is not a destination, it is a winding path towards what’s in your heart.

Loving you at your best, is not loving what you do or accomplish, but loving who you are and where your mind, heart and spirit are.  Becoming the best version of yourself does not require anything around you to change and only consists of you becoming the best you, you can be.


Life / Living

Live Your Dreams

Dream it.

Believe it.

Become it.

Achieve it.

You don’t need to (and probably will never) understand “how” to achieve your dreams.  The how comes from the why. What you need is to believe it enough that it becomes part of you and then your path of progress will be in alignment with the path to achieve that dream.

Dream big and dream bold, for a dream that doesn’t involve dreaming beyond what is based in your current reality, isn’t really a dream.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  —Abraham Lincoln


Life / Living, Work / Jobs

If You Could Follow Your Heart

So what would your life look like if you could just follow your heart?  You no longer had to trade your time for money, all your income was passive or recurring.  Maybe you have the same amount coming in passively, as you might have now with an active earned income doing a job… Or, maybe you have tens of thousands coming in per month so that you can have enough to do and go where your heart takes you.

It maybe a hard scenario to imagine, since about 99% of us around the world do a direct swap for time for money, but for some, including you this is a very realistic life style and considering what you want to do versus only thinking about what you need to do, can open your mind to finding ways to eventually turn your life into what you want it to be.


Happiness, Life / Living

Calm Enragement

You take a minute for a calm break from work and start perusing a popular online social media website… then you come across an image of the most unjust and disturbing example of human treatment you’ve ever seen… you feverishly share to all your family, friends, patrons, followers and anyone else who comes across what you want everyone to immediately be aware of.

Marketing 101… most large social media companies that have done their research, would rather you see disturbing outrageous anger-provoking images and posts… vs. seeing cute helpful calm rejuvenating peaceful images and posts.


Work / Jobs

Love What You Do

Does time fly while you do what you do?  If you love what you do, then it mostly likely does more times than it slowly ticks away until you done.  Try to remember that when you are having fun, then time flies by and you can have some of your most productive periods when time seems to just disappear.

Many of the most important things you could do with your life may not make logical sense at the moment, it may even seem a bit crazy or risky… If you love what you are doing, isn’t that all that truly matters?  Even if it doesn’t quite turn-out how you would have preferred, wasn’t it completely worth it, if you enjoyed doing it and were doing something that meant something to you?

What is your superpower?  What makes the magic happen inside you where you can enter a zone of loving what you doing so much that you don’t think about doing what you’re doing?  Maybe you are trying to do to much and squashing your superpower.  How are you nurturing your superpower right now?!


Happiness, Life / Living

Being Alone and Staying Single

Alone can be literally alone, but can also be having the feeling of being alone most of the time.

Single on-the-other-hand can mean that you’re just not in a committed relationship.

When you’re not in a committed relationship and you feel alone… well, that can be very lonely.

Being and feeling alone can be quite emotional, since humans in general are somewhat hard-wired to be social creatures for obvious reasons, like continuing our species through breeding.

You may also find yourself consciously fighting negative non-truths, like: “Am I relationship-worthy?”, “Does anyone really want me or just what they can get from me?”, “Do they really not have time for me?” and many others.

Anyone who leaves you is helping you learn how to stand stronger on your own.


Happiness, Life / Living

Happiness to Success to Adaptation to Unhappiness

If you are happy, then you may be successful or not… but, chances are that if you are continually happy then you have achieved some level of success and the inevitable subsequent adaption will come a knocking.  Many psychologists believe that we are hardwired to crave change, so at some point, even when we get all we thought we ever wanted… people usually find themselves wanting more.  They usually want something new, different, better, faster, shinier, etc.

One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation” ~Dr. Thomas Gilovich


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