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Love, Relationships


  • motherly
  • nurturing
  • not too girly
  • sense of duty
  • soft tenderness
  • calm personality
  • not easy nor hasty
  • unquestionable trust
  • has own favorite things
  • serves a higher purpose
  • not needlessly transparent
  • not desperate for someone
  • does things slowly with care
  • warm without being flirtatious
  • secure enough to not be clingy
  • could look into your eyes forever
  • has a great purpose to fulfill in life
  • not overly obsessed with anything
  • spontaneous without being careless
  • down-to-earth and genuinely original
  • values a small meaningful social circle
  • not overly concerned with other people
  • ideally has similar build and activity level
  • likes to have fun and equally likes to work
  • has enough attitude to excite and laugh with
  • has common sense and practices moderation
  • makes efforts to look nice without over doing it
  • she makes an effort to learn about your interests
  • does not always feel like she has to wear makeup
  • someone who you could keep loving unequivocally
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