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Love, Relationships


  • fatherly
  • masculine
  • listens to you
  • grows with you
  • layered strength
  • deeply hears you
  • incredibly thoughtful
  • never breaks your trust
  • sensitive to all your needs
  • remains solid in his choices
  • confidence in knowing himself
  • unwavering in purpose and goals
  • attuned to your feelings and desires
  • he does not wait around or play games
  • he cherishes you and cannot get enough
  • he is always clear about what it is he wants
  • he deliberately chose you and only you forever
  • he is the man he wants to be before he meets you
  • when he does something you know he will do it well
  • has deep-rooted humility while being relatably imperfect
  • has strong principles without being overly proud of himself
  • he is in no rush whatsoever and takes him time with everything
  • a man that does not need to control but is willing to take charge
  • he puts you first everyday and shows you are worth his attention
  • has strong beliefs without being judgemental towards other beliefs
  • simple at his core who values what he has and doesn’t need excess
  • most importantly he is genuine and never apologies for being himself
  • someone who you could keep loving unequivocally and without reserve
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