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If You Could Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

So what would your life look like if you could just follow your heart?  You no longer had to trade your time for money, all your income was passive or recurring.  Maybe you have the same amount coming in passively, as you might have now with an active earned income doing a job… Or, maybe you have tens of thousands coming in per month so that you can have enough to do and go where your heart takes you.

It maybe a hard scenario to imagine, since about 99% of us around the world do a direct swap for time for money, but for some, including you this is a very realistic life style and considering what you want to do versus only thinking about what you need to do, can open your mind to finding ways to eventually turn your life into what you want it to be.

When your passive or recurring income exceeds your living expenses and you by-in-large no longer need to trade your time for money, then you are essentially financially free.

In many cases, your income amount and financial security may not directly be correlated to your job competence or performance, but in fact, may be more related to just your circumstances.

Maybe you didn’t quite win the lottery, but you found a way to earn passive or semi-passive income to give you enough time to allow you to follow your heart every day or at least for the most part… What now?!  Have you ever actually thought about what you’d do?  Sit around and play video games, party, travel or lay on the beach every day? Would you just eat more, lay around more, spend more time with your friends or would you feel the need to give you life purpose and work towards something other than the highest score on a game leaderboard?

Even if you don’t really know what would make your heart light-up inside and you wanted to do something fun or cooperative, even though you didn’t need to, based on having sufficient passive income… Try to imagine what it would be like to not have doubt, worry, anxiety or stress that usually surrounds a job or having a boss. If you’re doing something, it’s mostly likely because you want to be doing it.  Eventually, you would probably find your passion and start doing something that meant a lot to you and that you would grow quite fond of doing.  Imagine if everyone was fond of what they were doing in their day-to-day lives.

There’s a good chance you might have no thought about this, because perhaps in your current circumstances you don’t see a way to achieve passive or recurring income to give you the freedom of following your heart and doing what you are passionate about.

But, if you can’t see the forest for a tree, at least imagine the forest you’ll see when you do finish climbing that tree and use that vision to fuel your climb.

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