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Life is complex and it’s okay to not know everything.

The strongest muscle is of no use, if the joint is weak.

You will go nowhere, if you do not move from where you are.

Respect and realize that everyone knows something you don’t.

An amazing life stems from embracing uncertainty with honesty.

“Anyone who isn’t embarrassed by who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.”  —Alain de Botton

Take time to form an opinion and don’t naively follow someone else’s.

Compromising leads to more compromising and then needing to compromise.

Search, find and follow your passion with an omnidirectional directivity pattern.

Always ask questions to learn and grow, keep asking yourself and others about things.

When you hone yourself, everything else will follow: family, work, community and success.

The people who don’t have a sense of why or lost touch with why, will never last long-term.

Do something that you can be satisfied without thinking of what would satisfy someone else.

Trial and error is a part of all life, embracing it will let you grow and reach a better understanding of life.

The world is saturated with ideas and what you decide to say no to, is even more important than what you choose to say yes to.

Keep the friends that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, cause you to think, cause you to feel and challenge your thinking… Because the people who suck-up to you and only tell you what they think you want to hear are the people with their own agendas that can easily bail on you with no risk on their part.

“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.” —Thomas Carlyle

Fearful of being humiliated, few people willing put themselves in new demanding situations.  The type of situations with immense pressure that will make or break you.  The kind of situations that will change you no matter the outcome.  They take you out of your comfort zone, they bring to surface weakness, make you grow and open your mind to new possibilities. Change is how we evolve and improve upon what was. Never trying means never failing and never having the chance to succeed.

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”  — Norman Schwarzkopf

It doesn’t matter how or what you are doing… It’s the why that matters most.

Know who you are as you become who you want to be.

Meaningful really means it is meaningful to you.

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