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Living Without Unnecessary Anger

Unnecessary Anger

One person yearns for the possibility that another person takes for granted and gets unnecessarily angry about not being exactly as they expect. Being able to be truly grateful for what you have never lost can be nearly impossible.

You were born helpless and dependent, and you very well may experience helplessness and dependance on another person before your time is up. Practicing empathy can be in the form of imagining yourself losing various things, abilities and people in your life (as others have).  This practice can prevent adapting so much that you lose an appreciation for what’s in your life, before you potentially lose it.

What if you surrendered in peaceful acceptance to what you cannot control?

What if you mourned and learned how to accept your losses in a restful way?

What if you were able to acknowledge your regrets with a sense of gratitude?

What if you felt sad and built a way to get support into your life without anger?

What if quietly traversed through stages of grief with ways to peaceful release?

What if the love within you and between you and someone carried you through?

What if your frustrations started a chain reaction of continual positive motivation?

What if your irritability reminded you to accept your own vulnerabilities and fears?

What if you wrote down and spent some time to prepare for what you want to say?

What if you found a way to be proud of your integrity when you do thankless work?

What if your pain was balanced with comparatively feelings of how fortunate you are?

What if you replaced your apologetic words with words or gratitude and appreciation?

What if you got clear enough to ask for exactly what you need and overcome wanting?

What if every burden you feel became a badge that you were proud to wear and carry?

What if you became mindful of the impermanence of your complaints in a relative sense?

What if you had something you love to do and could return to when you need a recharge?

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