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Love the Best You

Love the Best You

Being the best you may seem impossible or a fairytale, since all the parts of you may not seem like even close to the best parts (to put it mildly.)

The best you will always be you doing your best.

What you do best, may not always allow you to be you at your best.

You at your best is not a destination, it is a winding path towards what’s in your heart.

Loving you at your best, is not loving what you do or accomplish, but loving who you are and where your mind, heart and spirit are.  Becoming the best version of yourself does not require anything around you to change and only consists of you becoming the best you, you can be.

Try not to mistake achieving a particular goal or ambition with becoming the best you.  The best you is not the you that just does x, y and z.  The best you is a holistic you that aligns your life with your passion, that’s not to say that everything will be directly related to your passions, but will balance each other to indirectly contribute and support each other.  Your partner and family are an extension of that as well and have interchanging and intertwined activities or times that help support the overall dynamic structure.

Please remember our bodies and minds work together in unison, so without a strong synergy between them, they will weaken over time.  When reaching points of fatigue, be sure to seek out activities that rejuvenate you and aren’t just distractions.  Try to be 100% present at what you are doing and find ways to build an environment that is highly conducive to laser-like focus, which allows your creativity to flow freely.

To be the best you, it takes all of you… a holistic you that includes your thoughts, emotions, faith, family, friends and everything that is part of you.  Anything that makes you feel something can alter your progress on becoming the best you, that you can be.  How you feel about life and your overall emotional states will directly impact any progress and can determine your level of motivation.

The best you will also want to strive for what’s best for you and that which you love, which will inevitably change over time, but can feel quite concrete at any given time.  So…

Be completely content with you.

Be at ease and appreciative of what you have.

Let go of stress and anxiety, so you can be completely present in the moment.

But you have dreams that are waiting for you… there are obstacles in your way…

But there is so many other people going for a similar dream… there are some that are smarter…

But perhaps you should punt and shoot for more realistic dream… you have doubts…

But hopelessness, overwhelm and fear set in and deflate your passion… where is the guarantee…

BUT… don’t worry or give up yet…

  1. Most will give-up along the way and the few that make it all the way, you may find yourself partnering or collaborating with more than competing with.
  2. You may be putting something out monthly, weekly or even daily for the last several months or even years without much of it going unnoticed. Your dreams of success may be dwindling to faint memories of where you once thought you would be success-wise.
  3. If your focus is centered around expectations then you will almost always reach a level disappointment, because success usually doesn’t affect you how you think it will.
  4. If you aren’t enjoying the journey in the least, then a majority of the entire process will be miserable.

You only have once chance to be a beginner, so make the most of it.

  • gaining experience includes failing, looking foolish, embarrassing yourself and feeling discomfort
  • be humble and embrace being a beginner, it’s the one time you have a valid “excuse”
  • be proud of your failures, since it shows you were trying, when other may not have been
  • take comfort in that no one will be expecting a beginner to get it all right away
  • focus on movement, flow and keep trying, creating and failing
  • don’t mistake being a beginner for lack of importance or priority
  • you are a beginner, be patient and compassionate toward yourself and progress
  • get a mentor or a self-paced course with a support system, you shouldn’t be stuck too long

Next break all the rules.

  • after you learn the rules, give yourself permission to break them
  • what you are doing should get you excited (most days anyway)
  • what you are doing should be slightly scary and unconventional
  • what you do will not get the initial reaction you were expecting and that’s a good thing
  • dismiss the critics, the cynics, the haters and anyone that discourages you
  • it should mean something to you and give you a sense or purpose, contribution and/or joy
  • follow your heart and your gut, so don’t forget to try new things even if it isn’t logical

Love your choices, love yourself.

  • be proud of the fact that you had the guts to courageously push for your “crazy” idea
  • be patient and try avoid setting up expectations, think of it a big surprise or present waiting for you
  • consistency is one of the most fundamental virtues of being and loving everything that is you
  • most people will have brilliant sprints and burn-out, stuck in an infinite loop of instant gratification
  • everything meaningful in life takes commitment and is beyond the easily obtained and commonplace

Most if not all of the most successful people in history loved what they did and continued doing what they loved far beyond achieving success after success.  If you love what you do, then you’ll do it regardless of the outcome and various measurements of success will become less and less important to you.

If you do something with passion and vigor long enough, you will find a momentum and exponential growth will soar, but a compounding effect will only become a reality, if you keep investing in it.

Knowledge only becomes wisdom after it has been lived.

Listen to your inner communication and trust your intuition.

Don’t forget to show yourself some love, be appreciative, dignified and gentle with yourself as you forever grow towards the best person you can be to yourself.

In the end, it comes down to love… the love of contributing to humanity, the love of bettering your craft, the love of providing for the ones you love and so many other ways that love propels you onward to continue. Without those deep meaningful connections and other people, there would be an emptiness.  Try to never lose that sense of why and the love deep within you that makes everything worth while.

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