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Love What You Do

Love What You Do

Does time fly while you do what you do?  If you love what you do, then it mostly likely does more times than it slowly ticks away until you done.  Try to remember that when you are having fun, then time flies by and you can have some of your most productive periods when time seems to just disappear.

Many of the most important things you could do with your life may not make logical sense at the moment, it may even seem a bit crazy or risky… If you love what you are doing, isn’t that all that truly matters?  Even if it doesn’t quite turn-out how you would have preferred, wasn’t it completely worth it, if you enjoyed doing it and were doing something that meant something to you?

What is your superpower?  What makes the magic happen inside you where you can enter a zone of loving what you doing so much that you don’t think about doing what you’re doing?  Maybe you are trying to do to much and squashing your superpower.  How are you nurturing your superpower right now?!

Just like in weightlifting, the more time you spend under tension or time that you are putting some stress on your muscles, the stronger they will get with the necessary rest.  Some amounts of stress, strain and tension can trigger growth to get stronger, faster and generally better at whatever it is you’re doing.

Most people may make it a point to avoid being restricted, constrained or limited… Sometimes when you focus on making the most of what you have and making what you have do magic for you, it breaks barriers you would have not come upon. Some added responsibility, a little hunger, a little fear and out-right uneasiness ignites the imagination.

Sometimes if you want to more forward you need to shift your focus to what excites you, makes you feel alive and challenges you… vs. what most of us do, which is focusing on what makes us happy.

  • start with the smallest step possible with the lowest cost to get started doing what you love
  • create a set of regular small experiments to try new things, where there is low stress and cost
  • set goals for a couple months out, then set a reminder to re-evaluate, but stay focused until then
  • find a ways to make it fun and take out the monotony and quickly find ways to re-motived yourself

Value the people that you work well with and continue looking for other people that you work well with, it might just be the key to accomplishing what you want in life or in your career.

  • you may need to ask yourself, at the end of everyday: “What could I have NOT done today?”
  • you might want to look at what sustains your energy longer vs. what spikes it the highest?
  • you need to ask yourself are holding onto anything just because you’re afraid of losing it
  • you could look at what’s around you is actually helping you with your aspirations or not
  • you should ponder what is it that really motivates you and write it down to read often
  • you would be wise to remember that all people are human and are perfectly human
  • you know life will never be as you expect, so make your expectations unexpected
  • you will never compare with everyone else, so stop, compare yourself to yourself
  • you cannot be expected to always know what decision to make, so be decisive
  • you never know when something now will be different then, so accept it now
  • you always can choose when given a choice, so choose to make a choice
  • you can know what feels right to you, but it may not feel right to another
  • you might be afraid of making mistakes, but mistakes are how we learn
  • you see yourself as you choose to see yourself, nothing more or less
  • you die when you die, so live while you live and feel when you feel
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