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Love Your Life

Love Your Life

Maybe you are at a place in your life where everything is exciting and new, where there’s no need to reflect on how much you love your life, because you are do busy experiencing exciting new things.

Maybe you are at a point where you are reflecting on your life — no matter the age — and are feeling anxious and introspective about what you have experienced and what there is yet to experience that life has to offer.

Or… maybe you have been planning for the future your whole life… but it has yet to arrive as you have dreamed.  Now you can only stop and reflect on what happened, what might have went wrong or have feelings of regret for not having done things you wish you would have.

Likely, if you are reading this, you are thinking about what you want in the next year or so in your life.  You probably are done drifting through your life and want to set a purposeful intention on what you want for the next section of your life.

In no particular order… here are some ways to help you love your life even more.

Experience new things, whether it’s traveling, taking a cooking class in your area or reading a book about something you are interesting in.  Often you will find that your passions have a synergy that cannot be explained and with benefit you in the long run.  Sometimes you need to take a calculated risk and go outside your comfort zone to experience the things your heart is set on.  Don’t rush it, don’t ignore it and don’t forget about it.

Time is precious.  Time is the only currency of real value.  Who and what you spend your time on or with, is an investment.  If you are investing your time into something that is causing your investment of time to keep losing value, then at some point you need to decide if there are better ways to spend your time, that lift you, energize you, help you grow, help you learn or just give to you in some way that you feel like is a good investment of your time.

Keep track of your progress, but only as compared to your previous progress.  Keep some simple notes or keep a full-fledged journal, but when reviewing your progress, try to only compare your progress to the progress you’ve made and not someone else.  Your path of life will always be different that someone else’s path.

Take time to find ways to improve your life, so that you are loving living it as much as possible.  Look for areas of your life that feel imbalance, sometimes it is a worthwhile investment to do one thing different, so that you can do more of what you are passionate about and feel is a more worthy investment of your time.  For example, perhaps it is better to spend a little extra for some pre-made lunch, so that you get extra time to write or work on something that you love doing, even though you try and make your own cheaper lunches to save money.

Meet new people and build relationships.  However trivial this may seem, it can be one of the most amazing and surprising ways to widen the possibilities for your life.  Use your gut instinct and talk to new people wherever you feel comfortable.  Learn how to start a meaningful conversation and you will be surprised at how interesting people are and that there is something to be learned from everyone.

Set your intentions for what you love and are passionate about.  Having intentionality for what you want in life, will at some point create opportunities and passion has a way of attracting people who share or sympathize with your passion.  Don’t let others discourage you or talk you out of what intentions you may have for you life… If you have no intention of actually reaching out for what you want in your life, then it probably won’t happen.

Celebrate yourself.  No one will love and enjoy your life as much as you.  No matter your circumstances, you will always have the choice to enjoy and love your life as much as you possibly can.  Why wouldn’t you want to choose to enjoy and love your life as much as possible?  Take time to appreciate your uniqueness, your specific set of talents and skills, your special advantage and most of all your amazing personal story that you only you have lived.  Celebrate both your successes and failures, as they both make you, you.

Work hard, play hard… sounds like a bumpersticker, but is so incredibly important to building a life that you will love even more.  Some people can be distracted at work and then distracted at home… and they wind-up living a distracted life that hasn’t been meaningful enough to really love.  Pour your heart, soul and mind into what you do… work hard and stay focused, you will love what you achieve.  Deliberately practice to be better at what you do than you were, at least a little bit everyday and maintain a dignified work ethic… until you can take vacation or a little fun time for yourself, then let yourself enjoy the time off you earned.

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