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Motivated by Love

Motivated by Love

At the most basic level of why we do what we do… we are all motivated by love.

We are social beings at are core and even if we are hardcore homebodies there is still a intrinsic part of ourselves that was nurtured and wants to be nurtured… and in turn wants to nurture or give something.

That being said, many (if not most), operate in a mode of extrinsic motivate, be it fear or reward… which is far less powerful than an intrinsic motivation of love and contribution. The employee that gets enough to cover the bills and have a little fun whom is motivated by reward, looks forward to getting off work to go play.  But, the employee that believes in what they do and feel like they are perhaps making the world a better place, could find themselves working long past the standard work day to go above and beyond.

If nothing else we can be remembered by the sum of our contributions to humanity.

In psychology there are four sources of motivation…

  • The most basic motivation stems from fear and survival. This mode is all about the next meal, being safe, keeping your family out of harms way, you are trying to prevent negative outcomes and often only do what you think others want you to do.
  • The second mode of motivation is out of a sense of reward. You do because you want. As soon as you cover your needs and perhaps a little extra to have fun… you may no longer be motivated enough to continue. You may be so focused on the end goal or reward, that you bypass collaboration or even moral work ethics for your co-workers to get ahead. Too often when the reward is finally obtained, it’s not what you thought or doesn’t make up for what you have done to get it.
  • The third mode of motivation comes from within, a inner sense of duty.  You are dignified in what you do and are proud to contribute whether or not you received a reward or are working toward some sort of bonus.  You have no fear of punishment, because you know what you are doing is of quality and is true to the craft.  Though after a while, your motivation will wane, as you find ways to still do your duty, but with more minimal effort.
  • The final mode of motivation comes from a place of love.  What motivates you comes from deep within your being and is intrinsically perpetuated from love.  What you do is an extension of you and fills you up giving back to you as you give in a meaningful way.  Your motivation can defy logic, commonsense and general reasoning.  There is no specific outcome or destination achievement, but a path of places you want to stop along your amazing journey that reaches the most people and contributes in the gratifying way possible.  You collaborate freely, giving and receiving.  You inspire others and continual get inspired.  You don’t know what will happen, but you know it will be really good, because it’s motivated by love.

Anything you hate helps you understand unconditional love.

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