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Love Your Life

Maybe you are at a place in your life where everything is exciting and new, where there’s no need to reflect on how much you love your life, because you are do busy experiencing exciting new things.

Maybe you are at a point where you are reflecting on your life — no matter the age — and are feeling anxious and introspective about what you have experienced and what there is yet to experience that life has to offer.

Or… maybe you have been planning for the future your whole life… but it has yet to arrive as you have dreamed.  Now you can only stop and reflect on what happened, what might have went wrong or have feelings of regret for not having done things you wish you would have.

Likely, if you are reading this, you are thinking about what you want in the next year or so in your life.  You probably are done drifting through your life and want to set a purposeful intention on what you want for the next section of your life.


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Inspiration Through Change

Maybe the fire of inspiration has flickered out.

Maybe you are clinging to what you hate.

Maybe you are afraid of change.

Maybe you cannot make the leap for better or worse.


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Speaking Success

Success is what you define success as.

Success and happiness are not always linked together.

Success is not something you wait for, it is something you start and continue towards.

Definitions are subject to translation… Focus on the essence and purpose.

If you are working towards success… then you are successfully in one thing already.

Sacrifice some things to create an opening in your life and achieve your definition of success.

Give up what is less important to you, for something in your future that is more important.



10 Ways to Practice Being Compassionate

Practicing being compassionate requires getting in touch with genuine empathy for hardship or suffering that other people are experiencing and a desire to help them in some way.

There are many ways to practice being more compassionate to whomever you cross paths with in your life, whether they are a close family member or friend; a new patient or a colleague you only met once.



Burger King Will Start Serving Burgers for Breakfast

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Life / Living


Life is complex and it’s okay to not know everything.

The strongest muscle is of no use, if the joint is weak.

You will go nowhere, if you do not move from where you are.

Respect and realize that everyone knows something you don’t.

An amazing life stems from embracing uncertainty with honesty.


Loving the World

Endura system at Applied Materials’ Maydan Technology Center

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Epic Vines 2014! Most Funny Compilation Ever!

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Brain-Rearing for Child Development

Raising a confident, intelligent, athletic and respectful child is perhaps the primary goals of every dedicated parent.  As most of us would agree, that is far easier said than done.

Balancing discipline with at least equal parts of love, is possibly the primary goal of a parent for themselves.

Nurturing is also about helping children get in touch with they value they posses and that their ideas are good, so they can be free to be creative and build confidence from within themselves.

Helpful parental engagement starts with collaboration and; teaching children how to learn and think.

If you don’t help teach your children how to embrace the natural consequences of life, then they will no doubt have more learning to do in that regard and may fall harder after life’s many difficult lessons.



Reddit Users Ask a Google Employee (Almost) Anything

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