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The Relationship Instruction Manual

Relationship Instruction Manual

Because the relationships in your life include you, they are a partial reflection of yourself, so in order to improve your relationships, you must improve yourself.

Become the person who can have the type of amazing relationship that you desire in your life and set an intention inside of yourself for attracting the other part of that relationship.

The elements of the relationship instruction manual are:

  • Your Love — The humblest and most powerful force in the universe that makes the impossible possible.
  • Your Attention — Possibly the most valuable currency you will ever get the privilege of spending.
  • Your Intuition — A sacred gift that can trust to guide you and bring you to what you truly seek in life.
  • Your Integrity — What keeps you true to yourself, because if you lose yourself, then you aren’t really you.

Your Love —The strong core of what keeps you together and emotionally connected.  Experiencing what you can’t experience alone.  Love creates passion in your relationship and passionate emotions are something that should be learned about as a skill.  Love breaks down barriers, so that you are not walking on eggshells, insecure, tepid and jealous.

Your Attention —The importance of giving someone attention is probably a lot more important than you think it should be. If your attention is not on your significant other, then you cannot observe, discover and be continually fascinated by who they are and how you can stay connected to them.

Your Intuition —The light bulbs moments and the steady stream of gut feelings that you may have been largely conditioned to ignore for most of your life.  Usually, what makes sense when you stop trying so hard to make sense of things.

Your Integrity —The way you act, think, believe or rationalize. Being the you that you are, when you are not trying to be like someone else.  The fully aware and conscious self that you are content with being. Your inherent self-worth that is intrinsically a part of you since you were born.

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