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Up for a Challenge?

Heart Door Challenge

Are you caught in a loop of deception and procrastination that is keeping you from a particular challenge that you would like to see yourself overcome?

What if what you think is too challenging isn’t as challenging as you think?

Anything you fear may be an opportunity to gain the courage to overcome it.

The longer you avoid or dread doing something, the more it can build-up as an insurmountable and painfully unachievable challenge that any progress is completely stymied.

To finally take action on something that could now feel quite uncomfortable and severe, may mean that you need to look at the smallest amount of the challenge that you can imagine to start with.

Once you get passed the any initial shock and disbelief, you may find that you were unintentionally deceiving yourself into believing something that isn’t real.

If fear is holding you back from doing something… look for the smallest part the you feel you can do.

  • If you really, really can’t find even a small amount of the challenge that isn’t fear invoking, you may need to think about another challenge to take on first and come back to that one.
  • Being afraid is nor bad or good, it depends on your perception and the reality of it.  Just because you are afraid of something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afraid of it.
  • If something seems far too challenging and no matter how small of a piece of it you tackle, it continues to not get any less challenging, you may want to ask for help, sometimes you may need some skills to be able to enjoy the challenge.

“I never lose. Either I win or I learn.” ~Conor McGregor

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” ~J.K. Rowling

“Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.” ~Conor McGregor

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